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Living Room Adventures would like to introduce a trilogy, three fun and delightful books, for kids and adults of all ages. These books are full of adventure and will keep you captivated for hours.
Best of all, they are appropriate for all ages
The Ancient Castle
​In book one, Scott Frontier's first year at his new school was supposed to be a normal school year. But when he unexpectedly runs into a mysterious girl, he finds himself suddenly transported to her world where the myths and legends of his world are the realities of her's. And when she suddenly disappears, he must navigate a strange world he knows nothing about in order to save her.

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The Ancient Book of Magic
​In book two of the Lumen Series, The Ancient Book of Magic, Scott and his friends must once again risk their lives on Lumen. The evil Kingmongers are searching for the coveted Eigenholle, and have kidnapped the kids’ parents in an effort to force them to talk or be put to death. Time is running out and the kids must find a way to rescue their parents before it’s too late. But there’s something even more sinister going on that the friends aren’t aware of. Something that could devastate the world they know. The task to rescue their parents seems impossible and their only hope is to somehow retrieve The Ancient Book of Magic from the Pyramids of Death.

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The Ancient Amulet
​In Book three of the Lumen Series, The Ancient Amulet, the evil warlock Noka is making plans to wage war on those people of Lumen who refuse to accept him as their new king. Noka, through is cunning, has obtained the Ancient Book of Magic. Armed with those powerful spells, he is certain to conquer. The only thing that can stop him is the Ancient Amulet, which he is desperately seeking. In his possession, nothing can stand in his way. Nothing, except maybe one boy who carries a secret that only he knows. A secret so powerful that if anybody else knew about it, it might get him thrown in prison, or better yet, killed.

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